With all the extra glass used for energy efficiency the sound of a window sticking trying to open up or slamming shut by itself are all too common. While many windows still use century-old technology where a string is attached to counterweights to open the window, Cambria Windows has worked with engineers to come up with a modern fix. Our constant force counter balance allows you to open your window as far or as little as you like without the fear of the window crashing down. No more worrying about your window hanging on by a thread, update your home with technology for the 21st century.

  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Factory stacking and mulling options in many different combinations
  • May be ordered to meet ENERGYSTAR® requirements
  • Lifetime Warranty (Does not include glass breakage)

Two Color Options

White and Almond

Balance Comparison

Block & Tackle Balance 

Many windows still use an old system where a string is attached to counterweights or a spring to open the window, these strings and springs after wear and tear can snap and require extra force to move the window sash.

Constant Force Balance System

The ability to vertically move the sash in our single hung windows rests in a constant force balance system operated by interlocking 1/2” stainless steel coil springs in natural color housings, which allows the closing force to be constant on any position of the sash. Different length units are used based on the height of the window and may have up to four coils which allow for effortless operation of moving sash.

Our constant force balance coil features a nylon composite housing that allows the coil to be stretched as the window opens. As the coil unfolds it provides a constant and even force meaning the window needs only the same resistance to lift it at any degree of opening. Our constant force counterbalance allows you to open your window as far or as little as you like without the fear of the window crashing down.

Auto-Lock by Interlock ASAA ABLOY

Cambria Windows feature the original European inspired automatic sash lock by Interlock ASAA ABLOY, specialists in innovative hardware solutions for the window and door industry around the world.


• Matching the vinyl color with a removable cover
• Features robust dual hooks for superior forced entry resistance
• Effortless long-lasting performance


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